As a teaser for the main Pwnie Yard game we just released the Razorettes mini-game featuring kids from the junkyard. It’s a single player arcade game in which you control Tommy, a drinking kid who plays a game of skip rope but with razor wires instead. With a single button/touch you have to make him jump and prevent from falling over. Besides the twins, it also features Marek the psychic who might have a surprise for you and maybe you’ll notice another kid watching.

Play it now:

 Web: Requires a HTML5 browser with WebGL support ( tested on Chrome Firefox Safari )
Android APK file: or Google Play

Look at all the easter eggs we’ve found. Was your harvest as successful? In any case we wish a Happy Easter celebration or simply a nice long weekend!

We hope you have some spiritful holidays with lots of presents. The kids in Pwnie Yard are celebrating for sure..